The Saudi capital market is full of many major companies that are keen to distribute dividends to shareholders on a regular basis. According to the report issued by Al Rajhi Financial Corporation, this is the list of the best dividend-distributing companies in the Saudi market:
الشركات التي توزع أرباح ربع سنوي
     The Saudi Arabian Oil Company, known as Aramco, is the largest company that distributes dividends to shareholders on a regular basis.
     Saudi Basic Chemicals Industries Company, known as SABIC.
     Yanbu National Petrochemical Company, known as Yansab Company.
     The Saudi Petrochemical Company, known as the Advanced Company, is one of the developing companies in the Saudi financial and investment market.
     The Saudi Dairy and Food Products Company, known as SADAFCO. It is considered one of the most important Saudi companies that achieve continuous growth in its market value and profitability rate. It is keen to distribute profits on a quarterly basis.
     Riyadh Construction Company.
     Jarir Bookstores is ranked second as the best company that distributes quarterly dividends to shareholders.
     Saudi Telecom Company (STC), which is characterized by the company’s continued growing performance and continued profit-making even in light of economic crises.