The Fransi Tadawul mobile application is distinguished by many unique features, as it provides a wide range of banking services through Fransi Mobile. For example, the application provides all services for carrying out various banking operations, and money transfer services to other accounts, whether the accounts belong to the same bank or to another. To other international or local banks.
رقم العميل البنك الفرنسي
In addition to subscription services, payment services, and services for the Ministry of Interior, etc., as well as the ability to find out the nearest ATM from the location it is located in, French Tadawul via mobile phone can be considered an easy-to-use and free banking application, comfortable to use and allows the trader to conduct all banking transactions. Which he desires directly through the mobile phone. Through the application, the user will be able to control and manage his accounts at any time and in any place he is with one touch from his mobile phone.